7 Things Point Of Sales System Should Offer Your Business

If you run a restaurant or retail outlet, you know why you need a good point of sales system. In this day and age of stiff competition, the last thing you want to see is customers making queues to pay for products. It gets worse when your checkout staff manually enters purchase details into the system. Click on the link to know how make A good POS system for your business: https://www.shopify.com/pos/retail

1. A good point of sales system should be able to control your stock

The stock is an invaluable asset for any retail and restaurant establishment. If the point of sales system you intend to buy doesn't have an inventory management system, don't bother to buy it.

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2. Point of sales system should offer permissions

A good point of sales system should come with some form of restrictions in the form of user permissions. Restricted access to your POS system is good because it will mitigate theft of data. For example, some staff might want to view or print different data related to your turnover and profit reports. They may also want to open cash drawers, as well as void sales.

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3. The point of sales system should be able to make fast and accurate debtors calculations

If you operate debtors account, then your point of sales system must be able to make timely, fast and accurate computations of all debts. In this day and time, you might lose your greatest asset because of waiting for accounting staff to calculate the balances manually. Your system should be able to bring the debtors reports in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

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4. Your point of sales system should be able to organize and calculate creditors’ reports

Any restaurant or retail outlet has supplies and supplies need to be managed diligently and professionally to motivate them to be efficient in deliveries. This means that supplies have to be received, entered into the system and payments processed accurately and fast. You can’t achieve that with a manual system.
That’s why a good point of sales system comes in handy. The system should be able to accurately allocate stock to the supplier, enabling you to make reports, especially when dealing with multiple suppliers. These reports are vital, especially when you want to appraise your supplies. Proper appraisal entails knowing what supplier makes timely deliveries and offers the best deals.

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5. The right point of sales system must come with a loyalty system

You won't find a loyalty system in every point of sales system, but it is a critical feature if you want to grow your business exponentially. Today's business growth is all about delighting customers, coupled with quality products and services. You need to get in touch and try to understand their needs. A point of sales system with a loyalty program will help you along those lines. With POS loyalty program, you'll be able to email and SMS your loyal customers on special occasions such as children's birthdays, their birthdays and anniversaries. A loyalty program will also track and let you know loyal customer to reward them with discounts and freebies. A loyalty program has the potential to increase your business by 10% to 30%.

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6. The point of sales system should provide a rental module

A rental module is a software that automates and streamlines the management of rented portable assets. If your business deals with rentals, choose a POS retail system that integrates rental module software.

7. Your point of sales system must come with after sale service

After-sales service is the most critical aspect of any business. Certain things are inevitable in business, for example, Windows crashes, computers break or get stolen, and glitches occur. The important thing is that when such things manifest, you should get help quickly because any downtime means losing money. Other aspects such as database and point of sale are also vital for any point of sales system. So ensure they are included in your checklist. Take time to find the best POS system that aligns with your business. The features mentioned above point you to the right direction.

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